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Development of a Rule-Based Expert System for Cost and Gross Profit Calculations of Agricultural Products: Apricot Information System (APRIS) Application
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Cost and gross profit calculations of agricultural products are a comprehensive and difficult process. Many different parameters such as soil cultivation, pruning, spraying, irrigation, storage, drying, harvesting, transportation and marketing need to be evaluated together. Currently, cost calculations of agricultural products are made with classical programs and simple mathematical methods. For this reason, the results vary depending on the person and organization making the evaluation. This creates some limitations that make cost calculations with a dynamic process unreliable. In the study, a rule-based expert system was developed for cost and gross profit calculation of apricots. The expert system developed is called Apricot Information System (APRIS). The developed expert system aims to provide more accurate solutions by adding the precision and speed of the computer to the calculation process. The main contribution of this study is the development of a complete decision support set covering all processes from tillage to marketing and the design of rule-based user-system interaction. The designed system found the apricot cost calculation to be 1126.36 TL. This value largely overlaps with the values obtained from the field in the previous year. The developed expert system will be a platform that can be used in cost calculations of many agricultural products.