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Molecular mechanisms of neutron radiation dose effects on M1 generation peas
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  • Dapeng Xu,
  • Huyuan Feng,
  • Yafeng Li,
  • Jianbin Pan,
  • Ze’en Yao
Dapeng Xu

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Huyuan Feng
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Jianbin Pan
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Ze’en Yao
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Radiation mutation breeding is an important method for obtaining new crop varieties. In radiation mutation breeding research, the dose effect of radiation has long been a topic of concern. However, the molecular mechanism behind the dose effect is still unclear. Through analyzing the transcriptome and proteome of M1 generation pea (Pisum sativum L.) leaves, we discovered several important rules and molecular mechanisms. We found three important rules of global gene expression in the studied dose range. One of them was closely related to the neutron absorbed dose: the greater the difference in neutron absorbed dose between two radiation treatment groups, the greater the difference in differential expression between the two groups and the control group. We also obtained important sensitive metabolic pathways of neutron radiation, as well as related key genes. Furthermore, the overall molecular regulation mechanism of dose effect was further revealed based on the main functional items obtained. Our research not only explains the molecular mechanisms of the neutron radiation dose effect on M1 generation peas, but also investigates the related metabolic pathways and genes. The research results can be applied to appropriate radiation dose estimation and agricultural production practice.