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A Synthesis on Land Degradation in the Context of Sustainable Development Goals
  • Aavudai Anandhi,
  • Ryan Nedd
Aavudai Anandhi
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ryan Nedd
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
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Land degradation (LD) is a severe and well-known global concern. Therefore, this review aimed to find broader connections between LD and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This literature review aims to synthesize the definitions, processes, assessments, and challenges associated with LD. Furthermore, we developed a universally applicable and concise definition of LD that links a wide range of contexts and studies. Specifically, we categorized LD-related processes into physical, chemical, and biological processes and synthesized 20 methods/formulas used in the assessment of LD. Finally, we synthesized the most significant challenges in the context of the resolution of LD and provided corresponding recommendations. The review also Identified the main SDG targets that LD directly affects and the role that LD in relation to the SDGs. Overall, we expect this literature review to be a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners aiming to obtain a broad and comprehensive understanding of LD. These findings should facilitate sustainable and scientifically rooted use of land resources.
20 Oct 2023Submitted to Land Degradation & Development
20 Oct 2023Assigned to Editor
20 Oct 2023Submission Checks Completed
05 Nov 2023Review(s) Completed, Editorial Evaluation Pending
16 Nov 2023Reviewer(s) Assigned