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Carbon released from drained peatlands is accelerating glacial melting in the Himalayas?
  • Tanveera Tabasum
Tanveera Tabasum
SMS(M) Government Degree College Hyderpora

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Synopsis: Tanveera Tabassum Srinagar, Kashmir- India: (START) Even as a lot of scientific capital has gone to study the impact of peatland ecosystems on the plant and animal life and how it affects the overall atmospherics of the earth, there is a growing sense that a lot more is yet to be achieved in this regard. The focus of my essay is the frozen peatlands in the Hiamalyas. The glaciers and the snow masses are rapidly melting due to global warming. The melt down is posing a huge challenge to the countries downhill. But as the snows are melting more and more peatlands underneath are getting exposed resulting in the draining of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The heat generated by global warming and the release of gases from peatlands is a recipe for vicious circle with a potential to push populations down the precipice of an imminent disaster. My essay explains the subject in detail throwing light on its causes and consequences and long term solutions to convert the crisis into an opportunity. (ENDS)