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A novel image fusion approach for improving vessel visibility in surgical filler injections
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  • Jiuai Sun,
  • Kai Liu,
  • Kai Li,
  • Zhonghang Wu
Jiuai Sun
Jiading District Central Hospital Affiliated Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Sciences
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Kai Liu
Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine Affiliated Ninth People's Hospital
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Kai Li
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology School of Health Science and Engineering
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Zhonghang Wu
Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The occurrence of adverse events caused by intravascular injection or vascular compression of filler material remains a persistent concern for surgical filler injection. In order to enhance the visibility of facial vessels and make the injection procedure safe, this paper reports a simple yet effective image fusion approach that combines simultaneously captured visible and near-infrared images to produce vessel-highlighted effects. The visibility enhancement of vessel details involves applying a customized sharpening filter to the NIR image prior to merging it with the color facial. The validation of the fused images is conducted by employing quantitative objective metrics of image quality and clinical efficiency in the identification of vessels. The experimental results demonstrate the proposed approach can efficiently generate discernible impression of vessels with color and texture realistically persevered, and therefore contributes to augment the safety and precision of surgical planning or guidance in filler injections.