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Effect of V-shaped obstructions on natural convection heat transfer within a fluid saturated porous medium
  • Jayesh Chordiya,
  • Ram Sharma
Jayesh Chordiya
Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ram Sharma
National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur
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Various solutions for curtailing convention heat transfer rate across a fluidsaturated porous medium, with applications specific to thermal insulation, packed bed thermal energy storage, contemporary building walls and like have been sought out increasingly more in recent times especially solutions that are cost-effective but efficient. The current paper attempts to propose a solution on the same lines to curtail heat transfer rate across a porous medium by using v-shaped obstructions within the porous enclosure. The effect of size , orientation and number of v-shaped obstructions (1-15) have been comprehended to understand the effectiveness of such obstructions which are not reported in literature hitherto. Numerical analysis have been performed assuming Darcy flow model for Rayleigh number 1000. It has been observed that V-shaped obstructions are indeed effective in reducing the convective heat transfer. Effect of number of obstructions is better than that of the size of obstructions embedded within the porous medium to bring considerable drop in convection heat transfer. Further, the orientation of the v-shaped obstructions (upward facing and downward facing) has no significant effect on heat transfer rate as both orientation produces almost same reduction of Nusselt number. As such, these results may act as a useful design modification for thermal engineers for fundamental designing of porous medium where convection heat transfer rate is to be slowed down.