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Numerical Investigation of Multiphase Flow in 2D Microchannels: A Study on Water Droplet Dynamics
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  • Abdul Sattar,
  • Usama Ishtiaq,
  • abubakr Mujahid,
  • kamil murtaza ,
  • sanaullah manzoor
Abdul Sattar
Xi’an jiaotong daxue fayi xueyuan
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Usama Ishtiaq
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abubakr Mujahid
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kamil murtaza
UET Mardan
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sanaullah manzoor
University of the West of Scotland - Paisley Campus
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The study encompasses the visualization and analysis of dynamic water behavior, pressure drop, and saturation interaction under various boundary condition cases. Additionally, the characteristics of the flow in and out of the two-dimensional (2D) channel and the microinjection of water droplets are investigated. The simulation via VOF method includes the modeling of liquid water dynamics with different wall angles in the 2D channel, considering varying air and water inlet velocities. Key parameters such as water volume fraction and pressure drop are thoroughly analyzed. The simulation results demonstrate substantial agreement with the integral characteristics of the process, including dynamics trend, induction time of droplet breakup (saturation phase), and pressure drop. This comprehensive analysis enhances our understanding of water droplet dynamics in microchannels and contributes to the optimization of microfluidic devices for a spectrum of applications, from drug delivery to chemical reactions.