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Recent advances in enantioselective reactions of terminal unactivated alkenes
  • Qihang Guo,
  • Xuzhong Shen,
  • Zhan Lu
Qihang Guo
Zhejiang University
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Xuzhong Shen
Zhejiang University
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Zhan Lu
Zhejiang University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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α-Olefins as aliphatic terminal alkenes could be obtained easily from numerous contemporary synthetic reactions as well as petrochemical industry, and also found in natural products. Compared to the alkenes attaching the directing groups or activating group, the catalytic asymmetric reaction of unactivated terminal alkenes presents great challenges due to the weak electron effect and small steric hindrance effect. This review mainly summerizes the latest progress of the asymmetric reaction of unactivated terminal olefins since 2016.
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