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A tactile approach to introduce the skin autoimmune disease psoriasis to the general public and the vision impaired community
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  • Runqiu Song,
  • Jingran Ye,
  • Shanzou Chung,
  • Carsten Meyer,
  • Corinne Déchelette,
  • Anthony Purcell,
  • Asolina Braun
Runqiu Song
Monash University
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Jingran Ye
Monash University
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Shanzou Chung
Monash University
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Carsten Meyer
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Corinne Déchelette
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Anthony Purcell
Monash University
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Asolina Braun
Monash University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Scientific outreach activities play an important role in disseminating knowledge, connecting the general public to research and breaking down scientific scepticism barriers. However, the vision impaired community is often disadvantaged when the most common audio-visual approach of scientific communication is applied. Here we integrated tactile clues in the scientific communication of immune processes involved in the autoimmune skin disease psoriasis. We encouraged participation of the vision impaired community by engagement with tactile scientific origami art, a haptic poster and wood carved molecular models. Readily accessible science communication that engages a number of senses is a critical step towards making science more inclusive, and engaging for individuals with a wide range of sensory abilities. The Sensory Science approach aligns with the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion and helps create a more informed and scientifically literate public.
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