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Proximity Extension assay-based proteomics studies in neurodegenerative disorders
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  • Burak Arioz,
  • Aysen Cotuk,
  • Cansu Yaka,
  • Sermin Genc
Burak Arioz
İzmir Biomedicine and Genome Center
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Aysen Cotuk
İzmir Biomedicine and Genome Center
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Cansu Yaka
Izmir Provincial Directorate of Health
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Sermin Genc
İzmir Biomedicine and Genome Center

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Neurodegenerative diseases impact the structure and operation of the nervous system, causing progressive and irreparable harm. The absence of distinguishable symptoms in the early stages of neurodegenerative diseases makes diagnosis challenging. Additionally, it can be difficult to pinpoint the precise neurodegenerative disorder affecting a patient as the symptoms of these conditions frequently overlap. Numerous studies have shown that pathological changes occur years before clinical signs appear. Therefore, it is crucial to discover blood-based biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases for easier and faster diagnosis. Proximity Extension Assay is a unique proteomics method that uses antibodies linked to oligonucleotides for quantifying proteins with real-time PCR. Proximity Extension Assay can identify even low-quantity proteins using a small volume of specimens with increased sensitivity compared to conventional methods. In this article, we reviewed the employment of Proximity Extension Assay technology to detect biomarkers or protein profiles for several neurodegenerative diseases.
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