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The Impact of Cyber Threats on the Global Food Supply Chain: a Focus on Grain Storage Security
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  • Aliyu Gana Yisa,
  • Mohammed Gana Yisa,
  • Jude Osamor,
  • Mohammed Nakodi Yisa
Aliyu Gana Yisa
Fezzant Ltd

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mohammed Gana Yisa
University of Abuja
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Jude Osamor
Glasgow Caledonian University
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Mohammed Nakodi Yisa
Medical Research Council Unit The Gambia at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
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This study investigates the impact of cyberterrorism on the global food supply chain, specifically focusing on the security of grain storage facilities. Drawing from recent geopolitical events that have disrupted grain supply, the paper underscores the potential global consequences of targeted cyber attacks. The research involves a thorough review of grain storage technologies and their associated security vulnerabilities, supported by existing literature and case studies. Findings reveal significant security gaps in grain storage systems, such as centralized control systems and inadequate security protocols. The study not only offers actionable recommendations for enhancing supply chain resilience but also informs policy development aimed at safeguarding critical infrastructure. The research is pivotal for academics, industry stakeholders, and policy makers concerned with food security in the digital age.