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Title; Health planning and management of Leptospirosis in Vanuatu; The Role of the government and the global community
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  • Malik Olatunde Oduoye,
  • Abu Bakar Nazir,
  • Semiat Salaudeen,
  • Gloria Ukamaka Christopher,
  • Awais Nazir,
  • Sarkheel Sarshar,
  • Samuel Ubechu
Malik Olatunde Oduoye
Medical Research Circle

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Abu Bakar Nazir
King Edward Medical University
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Semiat Salaudeen
University of Ilorin
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Gloria Ukamaka Christopher
Nnamdi Azikiwe University
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Awais Nazir
King Edward Medical University
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Sarkheel Sarshar
Rawalpindi Medical University
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Samuel Ubechu
Yale University Yale Institute for Global Health
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Introduction: Leptospirosis is a disease caused by a bacterium in the genus Leptospira which is carried and transmitted by animals, thus making it a zoonotic disease. Leptospirosis is more commonly seen in the tropics and in people who work outdoors or with animals. Aim: This present article aimed to equip the government of Vanuatu and the global community on the proper health planning and management of leptospirosis in Vanuatu. And also to bring leptospirosis to public light in Vanuatu so that appropriate government and private bodies in the country can put more resources towards eradicating the disease. Methodology: In writing this article, peer-reviewed scientific articles obtained from PubMed, ResearchGate and Google Scholar databases were consulted. We synthesised our findings and engaged in a discussion emphasising the urgent need for global health attention and collaborative efforts to mitigate the rising cases of leptospirosis in Vanuatu. Result: We found an increase in leptospirosis cases in Vanuatu from January to March 2023. As of 31 March 2023, 8 new Leptospirosis cases were recorded from 23 March to 30 March 2023. As a result of this, a total of 51 leptospirosis cases have been recorded since January 2023. One death was reported during the last week of March 2023, with a total of 6 deaths. Conclusion: To halt the spread of leptospirosis in Vanuatu, a multi-pronged strategy must be devised by the government of Vanuatu, including various stakeholders in Vanuatu as well as international bodies, governmental officials, the medical communities, and public health scholars in the world.