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Coexisting true Umbilical Cord Knot and Triple-Circular Nuchal Cord Leading to Fetal Demise in an Unattended Pregnancy: A Case Report and Literature Review.
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  • Arens Jean Ricardo Médéus,
  • Kohlz Erley Saint Jusca,
  • Ali Mortezaei,
  • Adams Emmanuel Milhomme,
  • Kundan Kumar
Arens Jean Ricardo Médéus
State University Hospital of Haiti

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Kohlz Erley Saint Jusca
State University of Haiti Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy/ School of Medical Biology
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Ali Mortezaei
Gonabad University of Medical Sciences
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Adams Emmanuel Milhomme
Quisqueya University Faculty of Health Sciences
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Kundan Kumar
Dow University of Health Sciences
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