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The Effect of Yoga on Foot/Leg Pain, Fatigue and Psychological Well-Being in Nurses The Effect of Yoga on Foot/Leg Pain, Fatigue
  • Yasemin Özyer Güvener,
  • Meryem Erdoğan
Yasemin Özyer Güvener
Sinop University - SİNOP

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Meryem Erdoğan
Sinop University
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Background: Working women in Turkey, especially nurses, most of whom are women, are busy in the hospital and at home. Due to Covid 19, the working conditions of women have become even worse, and the effect of pain and fatigue because of standing has increased. In this context, the study was carried out to show the effect of yoga on coping with pain and fatigue of working nurses. Objectives: This is a randomized controlled study to determine the effect of yoga on foot/leg pain, fatigue severity and psychological well-being in nurses. Methods: This study is a randomized controlled trial. We conducted the study with nurses working in 25 control groups and 20 experimental groups. While collecting data, Individual Identification Form, Visual Analog Scale, Fatigue Severity Scale, and Psychological Well-being Scale were applied. A total of 16 sessions of yoga were done with the nurses in the experimental group, two days a week for eight weeks. Results: A significant difference between the Visual Analogue Scale and Psychological Well-being Scale sub-dimension of life goals of the nurses in the experimental group in the pre-test and post-test was found(p <0.05). The post-test mean scores of the nurses in the control group were not statistically significant (p> 0.05). Conclusions: Yoga is an effective method for reducing pain and creating a purpose in life. Yoga has a positive effect on safe, pain and psychological well-being. Nurses can use the yoga method effectively for their patients and themselves.