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Lessons Learned from Implementing Scrum in a Kazakhstani IT Firm: A Case Study at ‘AG TECH’ LLP
  • Duman Tokenov
Duman Tokenov

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This article presents a case study conducted at ‘AG TECH’ LLP, a Kazakhstani IT firm, to explore the implementation of Scrum as an agile project management methodology. The study aims to identify the lessons learned during the implementation process, focusing on the challenges faced and the strategies employed to overcome them. The research employed a qualitative approach, utilizing participant observation as the primary data collection method. The findings highlight several key insights into the successful adoption of Scrum, including the importance of organizational commitment, effective communication, and continuous improvement. Additionally, the study identifies common pitfalls and offers recommendations for improving the implementation of Scrum in similar organizational contexts. The lessons learned from this case study contribute to the growing body of knowledge on Scrum implementation and provide practical guidance for organizations seeking to adopt agile methodologies in their project management practices.