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Ransomware in Cybersecurity: Threat Landscape, Recent Incidents, and Mitigation Strategies
  • G. Anandhi
G. Anandhi
University of the People

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The escalating menace of ransomware attacks has emerged as a formidable challenge within the realm of cybersecurity. This research paper meticulously delves into the intricate evolution of ransomware threats, underscored by their escalating frequency and severity. Recent instances of companies falling victim to these pernicious attacks are spotlighted, offering a sobering view of the potential consequences. With a keen focus on deciphering the strategies and countermeasures employed to effectively navigate and neutralize these threats, this paper assumes a pivotal role in shedding light on the imperative need for proactive measures. By scrutinizing the tactics harnessed by cybercriminals and the resolute efforts mustered by organizations in their quest to mitigate risks, this research endeavors to unravel the dynamic landscape of ransomware threats. The synthesis of empirical case studies, meticulous statistical analysis, and expert insights creates a multifaceted perspective, enriching the discourse on ransomware's evolving nature. Consequently, the paper accentuates the pressing importance of fostering collaborative and comprehensive cybersecurity protocols, laying the foundation for fortifying the digital domain against the relentless tide of ransomware incursions.