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Expressive Arts Therapy for Anxiety Disorders: Reducing Stress and Improving Coping Skills
  • AJ Webb
AJ Webb
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Anxiety disorders pose significant challenges to individuals’ emotional well-being and daily functioning. This article explores the therapeutic potential of Expressive Arts Therapy (EAT) in reducing anxiety and enhancing coping skills among individuals with anxiety disorders. EAT combines multiple creative modalities, such as visual arts, music, and movement, to facilitate emotional expression and healing. Drawing on theoretical foundations and empirical evidence, we examine the role of expressive arts in providing a safe and nonverbal outlet for anxiety-related emotions. Furthermore, we explore how creative techniques within EAT foster stress reduction and promote adaptive coping strategies. The article also emphasizes the importance of the therapeutic alliance and mindfulness integration in enhancing the effectiveness of EAT interventions. Case studies illustrate the application of EAT for anxiety relief, shedding light on its clinical outcomes. The comprehensive understanding of EAT’s potential in mitigating anxiety disorders, as presented in this article, calls for further research and advocacy to promote the integration of expressive arts into anxiety treatment protocols.