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Low-Cost Resource Scheduling Framework using Collaborative Edge Fog Environment for Smart Health
  • Kiran Deep Singh,
  • Prabh Deep Singh
Kiran Deep Singh
Chitkara Institute of Engineering and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Prabh Deep Singh
Graphic Era Deemed to be University
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The exponential growth in data processing and resource requirements directly results from the widespread use of smart health applications. Fog computing emerges as a viable paradigm, bringing cloud capabilities to the network's edge to meet the high computational needs. In this research, we present a low-cost resource scheduling technique for smart health systems that use collaborative edge fog computing to enhance efficiency and maximize the allocation of available resources. The proposed framework uses the network's edge nodes to distribute computing and storage tasks, which decreases latency, increases scalability, and lowers infrastructure costs. Our resource allocation system dynamically assigns tasks to fog devices and servers based on job priorities, device capabilities, and resource consumption levels. This optimization guarantees consistent workload distribution, resilience in the face of errors, and swift, accurate processing of smart health data. The experimental evaluation verifies the framework's efficiency in minimizing response times and optimizing resource utilization, a major step forward in smart health. Our Low-Cost Resource Scheduling Framework for Smart Health in a Collaborative Edge Fog Environment enables healthcare providers to provide timely and affordable care. The framework uses edge devices and fog servers to process health-related data closer to data sources and end-users to improve system performance and reduce transmission latency. The framework improves service quality and reduces expenses by decreasing the need for cloud hosting. Edge fog computing's near-real-time data processing benefits users and patients, strengthening the framework's smart health application.