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Recent Advances in Domino Synthesis of Polycyclic N-Heterocycles Based on Intramolecular Alkyne Hydroamination under Copper Catalysis
  • Xin Lv,
  • Zefeng Jin,
  • Guodong Shen
Xin Lv
Zhejiang Normal University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Zefeng Jin
Zhejiang Normal University
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Guodong Shen
Liaocheng University
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Polycyclic N-heterocycles are very important scaffolds in biomedicinal chemistry and materials science. Intramolecular alkyne hy-droamination is a powerful method for the construction of N-heterocycles. In the last two decades, copper-catalyzed domino reac-tions based on intramolecular alkyne hydroamination has emerged as a robust strategy for assembling various polycyclic N-heterocycles. Great progress has been achieved in this area. This short review covers the advances made in copper-catalyzed domino synthesis of polycyclic N-heterocycles based on this strategy from 2008 to 2023, and will hopefully serve as an inspiration towards the exploration of new copper-catalyzed versions of the transformation. The domino transformations are introduced and discussed from five aspects according to the different key processes involved in these reactions.
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