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A Generic Pump-free Organ-on-a-Chip Platform for Assessment of Drug Bioavailability
  • Yaqiong Guo,
  • Yingying Xie,
  • Jianhua Qin
Yaqiong Guo
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics Department of Biotechnology
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Yingying Xie
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics Department of Biotechnology
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Jianhua Qin
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics Department of Biotechnology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Organ-on-a-chip technology has shown great potential in disease modeling and drug evaluation. However, traditional organ-on-a-chip devices are mostly pump-dependent with low throughput, which makes it difficult to leverage their advantages. In this study, we have developed a generic, pump-free organ-on-a-chip platform consisting of a 32-unit chip and an adjustable rocker, facilitating high-throughput dynamic cell culture with straightforward operation. By utilizing the rocker to induce periodic fluid forces, we can achieve fluidic conditions similar to those obtained with traditional pump-based systems. Through constructing a gut-on-a-chip model, we observed remarkable enhancements in the expression of barrier-associated proteins and the spatial distribution of differentiated intestinal cells compared to static culture. Furthermore, RNA sequencing analysis unveiled enriched pathways associated with cell proliferation, lipid transport and drug metabolism, indicating the ability of the platform to mimic critical physiological processes. Additionally, we tested seven drugs which represent a range of high, medium, and low in vivo permeability using this model and found a strong correlation between their Papp values and human Fa, indicating reliable and predictive simulation outcomes for drug absorption. Our findings highlight the potential of this pump-free organ-on-a-chip platform as a valuable tool for advancing drug development and enabling personalized medicine.
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