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Silicosis unveiled: Improving diagnostic accuracy and distinguishing it from tuberculosis: A case report from a low and middle-income country
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  • Sanskriti Chapagain,
  • Abhigan Shrestha,
  • shumneva shrestha,
  • sajina shrestha,
  • Vikash Jaiswal,
  • Hritik Yadav,
  • Nilasma Shrestha
Sanskriti Chapagain
Devdaha Medical College and Research Institute

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Abhigan Shrestha
M Abdur Rahim Medical Medical College Hospital
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shumneva shrestha
Tribhuvan University Institute of Medicine Maharajgunj Medical Campus
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sajina shrestha
KIST Medical College
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Vikash Jaiswal
AMA School of Medicine
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Hritik Yadav
M Abdur Rahim Medical College
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Nilasma Shrestha
Kathmandu Medical College
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