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Intelligent Inter-Area Damping Controller Based on Decision Tree Technique and Thevenin Impedance Considering Delay Compensation
  • soheil ranjbar
soheil ranjbar
Velayat University of Iranshahr

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This paper proposes an online scheme of WADC for damping inter-area oscillations based on the intelligent CART technique and optimal combinations of SGs. In real-time environment, by using the SGs oscillatory signals though COI frame, GISs (ΔωCOI and ΔδCOI) are provided. By using GISs as input through two CARTs, two individual controlling gains K1 and K2 are estimated which used through GCSs for online representations to SGs excitation systems. In this case, considering an online two-step process based on the pade approximation theory, the unavoidable time latencies through GIS and GCS signals are compensated. Also, for estimating proper SGs with high damping performances, a CI is proposed which by online evaluations of the SGs output electric powers and the Thevenin impedances and solving CI by the BGA, proper SGs are identified. In this case, by evaluating PMU phasors through three proposed circle equations, the SGs Thevenin impedances are estimated online. The effectiveness of the proposed comprehensive WADC scheme is examined on the IEEE-39 bus system with indicating positive effects through damping the inter-area oscillation.