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Entropy generation in MHD Pulsatile Casson Two-immiscible fluid flow in a vertical non-Darcy porous media with slip effects
  • M. Padma Devi,
  • S. Srinivas,
  • K. Vajravelu
M. Padma Devi
VIT-AP Campus

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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S. Srinivas
VIT-AP Campus
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K. Vajravelu
University of Central Florida Department of Mathematics
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The unsteady two immiscible MHD free convective flow of Casson liquid through a vertical channel, with a porous medium, is studied numerically in this investigation. Using a double perturbation approach, the governing flow equations are reduced to a system of connected partial differ ential equations, which are then solved using the 4th-order numerical  Runge-Kutta method coupled with the shooting approach in Mathematica. The velocity and thermal slip conditions have been accommodated in this model. The interaction of permeability of the porous medium, energy dissipation, Joule heating, and thermal radiation are taken into consideration. The computational upshot is also de- scribed explicitly to examine the consequences of pertinent parameters. The computational results are analyzed to investigate the effects associated with pertinent parameters which include the Hartmann number of two regions, Darcy number, a ratio of Porous medium permeability, Grashof number, Radiation parameter, heat source, and Prandtl num ber. The characteristics of the essential regulating parameters on flow frameworks of velocity, temperature, Entropy generation, Bejan number, and heat transfer rate are analyzed correctly via plots, and skin friction and flow rate are given in tabular form. As the radiation parameter raises both the velocity and temperature of the Casson fluid decreases.  The rate of entropy generation falls with a rise in the magnetic field. The Bejan number escalates as it moves forward from the lower wall to the channel’s center. In the later part of the channel, the Bejan number starts to drasti- cally fall and reaches a minimum at the upper wall.