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Improving Targeted Small Molecule Drugs to Overcome Chemotherapy Resistance
  • amirhossein rismanbaf
amirhossein rismanbaf
Islamic Azad University Tehran Medical Sciences

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Conventional cancer treatments face the challenge of therapeutic resistance, which causes poor treatment outcomes. The use of combination therapies can improve treatment results in patients and is one of the solutions to overcome this challenge. Chemotherapy is one of the conventional treatments that, due to the non-targeted and lack of specificity in targeting cancer cells, can cause serious complications in the short and long-term for patients by damaging healthy cells. Also, the employment of a wide range of strategies for chemotherapy resistance by cancer cells, metastasis, and cancer recurrence create serious problems to achieve the desired results of chemotherapy. Accordingly, targeted therapies can be used as a combination treatment with chemotherapy to both cause less damage to healthy cells, which as a result, they reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, and by targeting the factors that cause therapeutic challenges, can improve the results of chemotherapy in patients. Small molecules are one of the main targeted therapies that can be used for diverse targets in cancer treatment due to their penetration ability and characteristics. However, small molecules in cancer treatment are facing obstacles that a better understanding of cancer biology, as well as the mechanisms and factors involved in chemotherapy resistance, can lead to the improvement of this type of major targeted therapy. In this review article, at first, the challenges that lead to not achieving the desired results in chemotherapy and how cancer cells can be resistant to chemotherapy are examined, and at the end, research areas are suggested that more focusing on them, can lead to the improvement of the results of using targeted small molecules as an adjunctive treatment for chemotherapy in the conditions of chemotherapy resistance and metastasis of cancer cells.
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