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Design of Fractional-order Filters From The Fractional Chebyshev Polynomials: A Meta-Heuristic Approach
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  • Andrew Amgad,
  • amr abdelaty,
  • Hazem A. Attia,
  • Ahmed G. Radwan,
  • Menna T. M. M. Elbarawy
Andrew Amgad
Fayoum University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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amr abdelaty
Fayoum University
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Hazem A. Attia
Fayoum University
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Ahmed G. Radwan
Cairo University
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Menna T. M. M. Elbarawy
Fayoum University
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The study presents a straightforward and systematic method for creating a low-pass filter with fractional-order Chebyshev polynomials. The method utilize the flower pollination algorithm (FPA) as a meta-heuristic optimization technique to calculate the optimal filter coefficients. A stability test is conducted during the optimization process to ensure that the filter remains stable. To validate the method’s effectiveness, the researchers implemented the Valsa approximation of the fractional order capacitor and conducted circuit simulations using LTspice. The results indicated that the proposed filter design method was successful in achieving the desired magnitude response curve.
07 Jul 2023Submitted to International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications
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