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C7-T1 ventral interbody fusions: Opportunities, nuances and expectations
  • John Janicek
John Janicek
Brazos Valley Equine Hospital - Salado

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Caudal cervical spine pathologic lesions are a common cause of pain, lameness, ataxia, poor performance, or any mixture of these clinical signs. Combined radiographic and computed tomography myelography imaging of the caudal cervical spine is imperative when spinal cord compression, nerve root compression, and/or intervertebral disc disease is suspected. Surgical arthrodesis (ventral interbody fusion) of the C7-T1 articulation can be performed successfully and it is important for veterinarians to be aware that treatment at this level is possible.
05 Jul 2023Submitted to Equine Veterinary Education
10 Jul 2023Assigned to Editor
10 Jul 2023Submission Checks Completed
11 Jul 2023Editorial Decision: Accept