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Hybrid Coupler used as tunable phase shifter based on varactor diodes
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  • Taleb mohamed Benaouf,
  • Abdelaziz Hamdoun,
  • mohamed Himdi,
  • Olivier Lafond,
  • Hassan AMMOR
Taleb mohamed Benaouf
Mohammadia School of Engineers Mohammed V University of Rabat,
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Abdelaziz Hamdoun
Universite de Poitiers
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mohamed Himdi
Universite de Rennes

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Olivier Lafond
Universite de Rennes
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Hassan AMMOR
Mohammadia School of Engineers Mohammed V University of Rabat
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This paper describes the design of a hybrid coupler with a continuously variable output phase difference. This is achieved by using reconfigurable transmission lines with electrically tunable lengths controlled by two biasing voltages through varactor diodes placed across the coupler branches. The design of the coupler is based on the quadrature hybrid structure for the case where the output phase difference is 90° and on the asymmetric structure for the other cases. The proposed coupler can achieve a tunable output phase difference from 52 to 128 while keeping a coupling coefficient of -3dB (± 0.5dB) over the entire desired frequency band. To validate the simulated results, a prototype working at 3.5 GHz was fabricated and tested. The measurement results show good correspondence with the simulation results, especially when the output phase difference is 90° while a phase mismatch of less than 7° was observed for the other cases. The presented coupler would be a great asset for antenna feeding arrays, especially the Butler matrix.