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Dynamic Surface Antifouling Materials
  • Man Wang,
  • Chunfeng Ma,
  • Guangzhao Zhang
Man Wang
South China University of Technology
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Chunfeng Ma
South China University of Technology
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Guangzhao Zhang
South China University of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The colonization of marine microorganisms, animals and plants on underwater surface forms marine biofouling. It has profound ef-fects on marine industries. To solve the problem, we proposed a strategy of Dynamic Surface Antifouling (DSAF), i.e., continuously changing surfaces can effectively inhibit biofouling organisms landing and adhering, and developed degradable polymer based ma-rine antifouling material. The degradation of polymer chain enables the surface dynamic or self-renewing even on static conditions. The final degradation products of these polymers are low molecular weight molecules, and do not produce marine microplastics. Meanwhile, the degradable polymers act as carriers and controlled release systems for antifoulants, further improving the antifoul-ing efficiency. This article reviews the development of dynamic surface antifouling materials.
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