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The eco-evolutionary risks of not changing seed provenancing practices in changing environments
  • Rebecca Jordan,
  • Peter Harrison,
  • Martin Breed
Rebecca Jordan

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Peter Harrison
University of Tasmania
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Martin Breed
Flinders University
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Rapidly changing environments combined with increasing global restoration initiatives require improved seed sourcing strategies for native revegetation. Sourcing seed from local populations (local provenancing) has been the long-standing default for native revegetation for numerous eco-evolutionary reasons including local adaptation and species co-evolution. However, the evidence-base has shifted, revealing risks for both non-local and local provenancing in changing environments. As alternative strategies gain interest, we argue for effective decision-making that weighs the risks of changing and not changing seed sourcing strategies in a changing environment that transcends a default position and the polarising local vs. non-local debate.
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