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Application of Knowledge Map Technology in Smart Grid Data Management
  • Jun Yang,
  • Qi Meng,
  • xixiang Zhang
Jun Yang
State Grid Guangxi Power Supply Company

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Qi Meng
State Grid Guangxi Power Supply Company;
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xixiang Zhang
State Grid Guangxi Power Supply Company;
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Aiming at issues such as the inability of intelligent grid business data to be integrated across disciplines, and the inability of data resources to be intelligently analyzed and managed, a knowledge map construction method based on a unified data center for the entire business is proposed. On the basis of using big data technology to collect power grid multi-source data in the unified data center of the whole business, knowledge extraction is performed on structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data using semantic annotation methods to obtain knowledge entities, attributes, and relationships. Knowledge maps are constructed through knowledge fusion technology, and intelligent recommendation results and related information are recommended according to user search content. Experiments show that this method improves the precision and recall rate, and has better intelligent search and analysis capabilities.