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Black American Adolescent's Efficacy in the Face of Racial Discrimination
  • Briah Glover,
  • Dawn Witherspoon
Briah Glover
The Pennsylvania State University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Dawn Witherspoon
The Pennsylvania State University
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The pervasiveness of racism in the U.S. and its negative impact on key development outcomes has led researchers to uncover mediators, of which this article argues efficacy should be considered. Self-efficacy, one’s belief in their capability to accomplish a task or goal, can be measured in multiple domains of functioning and contexts to predict behavior. The current study examines possible specificity in the relation between discrimination (general discrimination [GD] and school discrimination [SD]) and efficacy (academic efficacy [AE] and efficacy to combat discrimination [ECD]), whether resilience modifies these associations, and if these processes differ by gender. 879 Black youth (47% female; mean age = 12, SD = 0.58) were included in the analyses. Findings suggest that school discrimination experiences perceived resilience impact domains of efficacy differently. Resilience positively impacted AE, but no significant moderation effects were found.
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