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9-Elements Uniformly Circular, Planar, and Linear Arrays Antenna Design for 5G New Radio uses Satellite Communications
  • Ravandran Muttiah
Ravandran Muttiah
AIMST University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The study on radiation characteristics of a uniformly circular, planar, and linear arrays antenna with linearly and centrally-fed microstrip patch uses 9-elements arrays are analysed here. Array antenna design plays a vital role in digital radio communications, fifth generation mobile communications, and satellite communications. High power transmission, reduced power consumption, enhanced spectral efficiency, and improved communications performance are easily achieved by using antenna arrays. Thus, the uniform circular, planar, and linear arrays with 9-element microstrip patch arrays antenna are proposed for fifth generation mobile communication applications. In this paper, the proposed design of uniformly circular, planar, and linear array antenna systems operates at 12 GHz. In parallel, wireless base stations need azimuthally-omnidirectional antennas with sufficient power and beamwidth in the elevation plane to cover as wide an area as possible. The design objectives considered here are: radius of the array is quarter wavelength and spacing between centres of arrays is the half wavelength of centre frequency respectively. Based on the analysis of characteristics, the performance results are demonstrated and suggested that a uniformly circular array performs well for 5G New Radio systems.