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Expert System For Maintenance and Rehabilitation of All Types Of Pavements (ExFMRAP)
  • muhammad musa
muhammad musa
Guangxi University Civil Engineering Department

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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There are numerous obstacles in the construction industry today, including those related to technical and financial issues as well as those that have an influence on human health and the environment. It takes professionals from several disciplines to solve these challenges since they are not simple. Expert systems provide sophisticated and intriguing answers for the issues. There is a lot of enthusiasm about knowledge-based expert systems (KBES) in the engineering world. Numerous uses for civil engineering have been noted. This paper reviews expert systems applications in engineering transportation. The Expert System (ES) offers advantages over human experts such as accessibility, consistency, time constraints, stability, and efficiency. The Purpose of this paper is to explain information and methods about creating new Expert system for maintenance and rehabilitation of all types pavement (ExFMRP). In this Ex we used C# C sharp (Visual studio) programming for Created Expert system. This Ex include the description, causes, testing, prevention, degree of severity, measurement, treatment and repair And Video for all types of pavement (rigid pavement, flexible pavement, composite, continues reinforced concrete pavement block or brick pavement and subbase and subgrade supports. This study highlighted that expert system is very useful approach for rehabilitation, repair and maintenance of all types of pavements, this expert system was created to aid all civil engineers in the description evaluation causing, measurement degree of severity, testing and repair and maintenance of all types of pavements