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Compact 4 × 4 Butler matrix design-based switch beamforming antenna array for 5G applications
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  • Ali Abdulateef Abdulbari,
  • Sharul Kamal Abdul Rahim,
  • Tan KIM GEOK,
  • Amna shibib kamel,
  • Raya adil kamil,
  • Hatem Oday Hanoosh,
  • Mustafa Mohammed Jawad
Ali Abdulateef Abdulbari
University of Technology- Iraq, Baghdad

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sharul Kamal Abdul Rahim
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Wireless Communication Centre
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Multimedia University Faculty of Engineering and Technology
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Amna shibib kamel
Al-Turath University College
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Raya adil kamil
Al-Turath University College
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Hatem Oday Hanoosh
Imam Ja'afar Al-Sadiq University
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Mustafa Mohammed Jawad
Al-Turath University College
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This paper, presents a 4×4 BM based on four direction switch BM antenna array. The proposed design operated at 3.5 GHz. The use of multi-beam antennas or switched-beam antenna arrays (SAAs) promised users of high-gain and large coverage areas for 5G technologies. The BM was implemented by combining 3-dB BLC, two crossovers, and 45 o phase shifters fabricated on the RT5880LZ substrate, with using a triangular slot and T-shape based on the BM design. The proposed design focused on the miniaturization and enhancement of the bandwidth. The return loss and isolation were better than -15 dB at all the ports, according to the simulated and measured result showed that with excellent insertion loss -6.1 ± 2 dB. A fractional bandwidth of 49.7% and the overall dimension were reduced to 56% as compared to the conventional BLC and crossover. Hence, the proposed design of BM performed an excellent size reduction of 80% and improvement bandwidth up to 836 MHz compared to the traditional BM. The switched beam directions were measured at -34 o, -40 o, +32 o and +35 o at 3.5 GHz for each input port of 1-4 excitation. The proposed design BM is suitable of 5G application.
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