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An initial possible hypothesis on the mechanism of tonic firing in Tonically Active Neurons
  • Hossein Mofidi,
  • yashar Sarbaz,
  • Saeed Golmohammadi
Hossein Mofidi
Tabriz University
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yashar Sarbaz
University of Tabriz

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Saeed Golmohammadi
Tabriz University
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The brain is the most formidable part of the body, and researchers have been delving deeply into this issue; however, many questions remain intact. As for Tonically Active Neurons(TANs), they can be active spontaneously without any synaptic inputs. This paper has set to investigate this type of neurons to realize their unique behavior’s mechanism more precisely. According to studies, it seems that there is a possibility of association between biophotons and the in-vitro tonic firing pattern of TANs. According to results, it seems that their spontaneous firing arises due to existence of photoreceptors in TANs and the possibility of their interpretation of emitted photons. To clarify the proposed hypothesis about the mechanism of tonic firing of TANs with regard to the available evidence, an electrical circuit has been designed to model their in-vitro tonic firing. The TANs’ model has simulated by MATLAB software, and results have compared with in-vitro TANs’ spontaneous firing patterns. In this model we just modulated Na density as the most common and efficient variable in making action potential in order to evaluate a basic possibility of this association. This paper is at the initial stage of this theory and required further evaluations to be able to claim this theory as an actual fact. However, this theory can widen our horizon in various aspects such as disorders like Parkinson’s disease and mechanisms like circadian rhythm if the proposed theory becomes validated at further studies when an ultimate model for TANs has made and investigated in practice.