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Virtual emotional gestures to assist in the examination of the mental health of the deaf-mutes
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  • Haoming Xu,
  • Hui Liang,
  • Yi Wang,
  • Junjun Pan,
  • Jialin Fu,
  • Xiangwen Pang
Haoming Xu
Zhengzhou University of Light Industry
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Hui Liang
Zhengzhou University of Light Industry

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Yi Wang
General Hospital Of Pingmei Shenma Group
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Junjun Pan
Beihang University
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Jialin Fu
Zhengzhou University of Light Industry
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Xiangwen Pang
Zhengzhou University of Light Industry
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The particular characteristics of deaf-mutes make them more likely to have mental health problems. Due to their particular way of communication, it is more difficult for them to deal with mental health problems than ordinary people. Nowadays, those psychologists who are good at sign language are in short supply, and remote assistance cannot achieve satisfactory results. Therefore, a library of virtual emotional gestures based on electroencephalogram(EEG) was established and a prototype system for mental health examination of deaf-mutes was proposed, which help deaf-mutes identify their psychological problems in time and assist medical staff to examine the psychological problems encountered by deaf-mutes. In addition, the virtual library of emotional gestures is established with the assistance of the chief physician from a 3A hospital in Henan Province. More importantly, the later experiments demonstrate the applicability of this virtual system.
29 Apr 2023Submitted to Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds
29 Apr 2023Assigned to Editor
29 Apr 2023Submission Checks Completed
01 May 2023Review(s) Completed, Editorial Evaluation Pending
01 May 2023Editorial Decision: Accept