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Crowd Evacuation Simulation in Flowing Fluids
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  • Qiang Chen,
  • Xunjin Zou,
  • Yunqing Ye,
  • Zhenmin Zhu
Qiang Chen
Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics School of Information Management

Corresponding Author:qiangchen@jxufe.edu.cn

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Xunjin Zou
East China JiaoTong University
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Yunqing Ye
East China JiaoTong University

Corresponding Author:yeyunqingecjtu@163.com

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Zhenmin Zhu
East China JiaoTong University
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In this paper, we propose an integrated model for simulating the interaction between crowds and fluid particles. Our focus is on simulating evacuation motion for crowds in the face of sudden floods. Our model treats both the crowd and the water as fluid particles, which allows us to incorporate various forces such as pressure, shear, buoyancy, and active forces to drive the agents. Additionally, we have designed a minimum rotational path-planning algorithm for agents to search for safe destinations during evacuations. To develop practical crowd evacuation strategies, we observed and studied survival techniques from whirlpools and sudden changes in water levels during floods. Our simulated evacuation results provide plausible strategies for crowds to survive dangerous floods.
28 Apr 2023Submitted to Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds
29 Apr 2023Assigned to Editor
29 Apr 2023Submission Checks Completed
01 May 2023Review(s) Completed, Editorial Evaluation Pending
01 May 2023Editorial Decision: Accept