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HVRT control strategy for PMSG-based wind turbine with dynamic chopper resistance
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  • Yanhui Qin,
  • Xiaolin Liu,
  • Zhichao Yang,
  • Bingtuan Gao
Yanhui Qin
State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Co Ltd Economic and Technical Research Institute
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Xiaolin Liu
Southeast University - Sipailou Campus
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Zhichao Yang
Southeast University - Sipailou Campus
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Bingtuan Gao
Southeast University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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With the increasing penetration of wind power, wind turbine is required to have fault ride through capability during grid fault. To improve the direct current (DC) voltage suppression effect of traditional high voltage ride through (HVRT) control scheme with regard to chopper resistance, this paper proposes an HVRT control strategy based on dynamic chopper resistance calculation method considering surplus active power, DC voltage limit and reactive current. The simulation results show that the proposed strategy can suppress the DC voltage increment more effectively and avoid the trip-off accident of wind turbines by dynamically adjusting the chopper resistance for the duration of high-voltage fault.