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Effect of irradiation on total biophenol and antioxidant activity quantity during storage of natural black table olives obtained using starter culture
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  • Şahnur Irmak ,
  • feriste öztürk güngör,
  • erkan susamcı,
  • Didar Sevim,
  • Oya Köseoğlu
Şahnur Irmak
Olive Research Institute

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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feriste öztürk güngör
olive research institute
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erkan susamcı
olive research institute
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Didar Sevim
olive research ınstitute of turkey
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Oya Köseoğlu
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In this study, It was aimed to determine the effects of different production and preservation methods on the shelf life and quality of the Gemlik variety natural black table olives produced with low salt (2%). For this purpose the olives processed with traditional Turkis turning black olive using starter culture The MAP (Modified athmosphere packaging), vacuum and gamma irradiation method (1, 3 and 5 kGy) was applied for the first time in the preservation of table olives. The reducing effect of 5 kGy dose on total phenolic substance and DPPH antioxidant activity was found to be higher than other doses. During storage, pH (4.30-4.83) and titratable acidity (0.68-1.02%) values of black table olives changed in normal course. At the and of the fermentation and storage, total phenolic substance and DPPH antioxidant activity decreased and were found statistically significant (p<0.01). During the storage period, the total amount of phenolic matter in olives in normal production (without starter culture) decreased from 232 to 144 mgCAE/100g and in starter culture added table olives from 200 to 138 mgCAE/100g. As a result of the study, it was ensured that table black olives produced with less salt (2%) could be stored on the shelves for at least 6 months without using any preservatives. In addition, radiation effect on quality was relatively similar to other applications.
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