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From Planetary lens towards Urbanising Rural of Türkiye
  • Sevim Pelin ÖZTÜRK
Sevim Pelin ÖZTÜRK
Izmir Universitesi

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The urbanization under contemporary capitalism is planetary and it has extended to geographies far beyond the edge of mega-cities and regions. Meanwhile, inherited conceptions of the urban as a bounded, universal settlement type and inherited urban forms are continually transforming and restructuring. This study explores and analyses the pattern and dynamics of extended urbanization in Türkiye. Marmara Region that is one of the most populated and industrialized regions of Türkiye is selected as a case area. Today, the region is extendedly urbanised, and the urbanisation has taken various material forms in space and mining takes the lead spreading throughout the area. As it is illustrated, extended urbanization formations are degrading the Marmara Region’s erstwhile wilderness and rural areas that extends far beyond the concentrated urban areas and megacity İstanbul.