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” The day when the Earth stopped ” – How beliefs in the just world affect emotions and job outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic: comparisons between Brazil and France
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  • Fabiana Queiroga,
  • Amalia R. Pérez-Nebra,
  • Eva M. Lira,
  • Vincent Angel,
  • Marilena Bertolino
Fabiana Queiroga
Universite de Lorraine ENSEM
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Amalia R. Pérez-Nebra
Universidad de Zaragoza

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Eva M. Lira
Universidad de Zaragoza
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Vincent Angel
Université de Bordeaux
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Marilena Bertolino
Université Côte D’Azur
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The song alluded in the title could be continued by saying that people around the countries criticised the measures to contain COVID-19. Beliefs in a just word (BJW) are related with affective reactions triggered by extreme events. The aim was to test Affective Events Theory (AET) by analysing to what extent work environments have influence on affective experience and job outcomes. Participated 449 teleworkers in Brazil and 236 in France, countries with similar periods of compulsory telework, but that adopted different policies. Results revel low positive emotions tend to decrease perceived job satisfaction when BJW is high in both contexts. Among French teleworkers, it is also true when we have high negative emotions. BJW directly affects job performance and satisfaction in Brazil, but it is only valid for job satisfaction in France. Results offers support for AET and presents how work environments indirectly influence affective experience and job outcomes.