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Optimal Heartbeat Energy Harvesting using Electrostatic Energy Harvesters
  • Meisam Pourahmadinakhli,
  • Bahareh Sasanpour
Meisam Pourahmadinakhli
University of Hormozgan

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Bahareh Sasanpour
University of Sistan and Baluchestan
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This paper presents the state space modeling and simulation of different micro electrostatic energy harvesters – in plane overlap, in plane gap closing and their compound structures – with freedom of movement in x, x-y and x-y-z axis. The structures are specially designed for energy harvesting of vibrations whose frequencies are lower than 100 Hz to be suitably applied for heartbeat energy harvesting. The detail models of both electrical and mechanical subsystems including stopper function, motion drag, parasitic capacitors and multi directional transducing capacitors are developed in the format of state space equations. To reach the optimal heartbeat energy harvesting, the system behavior is simulated under different parameters by numerical solution of nonlinear state space equation set.