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Iridium-Catalyzed Site- and Enantioselective C(sp2)-H Borylation of Benzhydryl Ethers: Enantioselectivity Amplification by Kinetic Resolution Relay
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  • Ke Jing,
  • Lili Chen,
  • Panke Zhang,
  • Senmiao Xu
Ke Jing
Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics
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Lili Chen
Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics
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Panke Zhang
Zhengzhou University
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Senmiao Xu
Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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We herein report a simple ether-directed iridium-catalyzed site- and enantioselective C(sp2)-H borylation of benzhydryl ethers for the first time. Various chiral benzhydryl ethers were obtained with high enantioselectivities in the presence of a tailor-made chiral bi-dentate boryl ligand. We found that the kinetic resolution relay significantly amplified the enantioselectivity. The synthetic utility of the current method was demonstrated by gram-scale C-H borylation and C-B bond transformations.
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