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The Use of Homework in Emotion-Focused Therapy for Depression
  • Serine Warwar
Serine Warwar
Centre for Psychology and Emotional Health

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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EFT is an empirically supported treatment of depression for individuals, and is also considered to be an integrative, transdiagnostic therapy approach focusing on emotions that are the cause of a client's emotional pain and suffering. The target of treatment is to facilitate emotional processing to change unhealthy emotion schemes that underlie current symptoms of depression. The therapist is highly attuned to the client's moment-by-moment process to promote in-session work on emotion, alongside experiential teaching. In-session work is consolidated and expanded by between-session homework, which is viewed as a natural extension of the in-session work. EFT views the therapist as an emotion coach who offers interventions within a client's developmental and experiential learning capabilities to move them to their end goals. A case example is discussed to illustrate how homework is used effectively in treating a depressed client in relation to treatment principles over the course of treatment.
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