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Energy Management Success in Five Utah Public Water Systems
  • Robert B. Sowby
Robert B. Sowby

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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As water utilities seek to improve their energy management practices, examples from successful cases are needed. Based on published documents and firsthand knowledge, this article summarizes energy management activities and results from five Utah water systems: Jordan Valley Water, Logan, Mountain Regional Water, North Salt Lake, and Riverton. The activities occurred from 2010 to 2018-a concentrated period of water-focused energy management efforts in the state-and the energy or cost savings ranged from 19% to 38% of each system's annual baseline. The savings came from diverse operational and capital practices, including source selection, valve adjustments, time-of-use power rates, pressure zone reconfiguration, pump scheduling, and new facilities. Managerial practices like energy goals, policies, and teams were also influential. New case studies are welcomed as water utilities adjust to the ongoing energy transition.