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The Impact of post COVID-19 syndrome in adolescents: A pilot study.
  • Marc El Khoury Y,
  • Jane El Khoury,
  • May Skoury M
Marc El Khoury Y
New York Medical College

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jane El Khoury
Harrison Central School District
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May Skoury M
Harrison Central School District
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Background: Post COVID-19 syndrome has emerged as a long-term complication in adults and children, its effect on adolescents’ performance in school is not well studied. Methods: This is a survey of children in grades 10-12 looking into the physical/psychological impact of prolonged post COVID-19 symptoms on school performance. Results: 32/54 students with a mean age of 16 years old had COVID-19. Two were hospitalized, 10 had symptoms lasting more than 4 weeks. Commonly reported chronic symptoms were fatigue and cough. Seven students quit sports, 8 had decrease in their academic performance. Adolescents with a family history of long haulers and those being infected more than once where more likely to develop prolonged symptoms, quit sports and perform poorly in school. 3/14 (21%) reported not seeking help. Conclusion: Post COVID-19 syndrome is associated with decline in physical and mental performance in school yet only 79% of adolescents will talk about it.