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Evolution of dispersal and the analysis of a resource flourished population model with harvesting
  • Md. Kamrujjaman,
  • Ishrat Zahan
Md. Kamrujjaman
University of Dhaka

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ishrat Zahan
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
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This study explores a spatially distributed harvesting model that signifies the outcome of the competition of two competing species in a heterogeneous environment. The model is controlled by reaction-diffusion equations with resource-based diffusion strategies. Two different situations are maintained by the harvesting effects: when the harvesting rates are independent in space and do not exceed the intrinsic growth rate; and when they are proportional to the time-independent intrinsic growth rate. In particular, the competition between both species differs only by their corresponding migration strategy and harvesting intensity. We have computed the main results for the global existence of solutions that represent either coexistence or competitive exclusion of two competing species depending on the harvesting levels and different imposed diffusion strategies. We also established some estimates on harvesting efforts for which coexistence is apparent. Also, some numerical results are exhibited in one and two spatial dimensions, which shed some light on the ecological implementation of the model. Additionally, we have demonstrated the existence of positive periodic states numerically that arise for seasonal changes or any other periodic factors for time-dependent parameters.