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Study on the Optimization Model of Ecological Compensation Criteria - Huaihe River as an Example
  • shaohua yuan
shaohua yuan

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Watershed water ecology compensation, as a key technology to control and restore the ecology of damaged watersheds, is widely used in many fields such as water environmental protection, water environment development, and watershed management. This paper optimizes the opportunity cost method and water resources value method models based on occupancy theory, regional economic level and allocation scheme, and analyzes the results of the two models and the optimized scheme. The results show that: (1) the opportunity cost method is more than 9 times larger than the standard calculated by the water resource value method; (2) the optimized model makes the distribution of payment and compensation cities more reasonable. The optimized accounting of ecological compensation standards improves the accuracy of the two models and provides a reference for the construction of ecological compensation standards system in the watershed in the future.