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Effect of symmetrical perforation on mixing performance of perforated Kenics static mixer
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  • Yang Tang,
  • Jie Wang,
  • Minghai Zhou,
  • Guangyao Li,
  • Xiao Xiao
Yang Tang
Southwest Petroleum University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Minghai Zhou
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Guangyao Li
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In order to improve the mixing effect of the traditional Kenics static mixer, a new type of static mixer with a perforated structure added to the spiral insertion band of the existing mixer is proposed. The results show that the perforated structure can change the flow state of the fluid, and accelerate the flow in the perforated area, thus improving the mixing performance of the mixer. With the increase of the perforation diameter, the mixing performance of the mixer is gradually enhanced. However, when the perforation diameter continues to increase, the spiral channel inside the mixer is destroyed, and the mixing effect is weakened. Only changing the perforation spacing has no obvious effect on the mixing effect. For the same mixer length, the reduction of the length-diameter ratio of mixing unit leads to the increase of the number of mixing units, the better mixing effect of the mixer.