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Handle decomposition of a wormhole through Heegaard Splitting from 3 + 1 Space-Time Dimensions
  • Deep Bhattacharjee,
  • Pradipta Narayan Bose,
  • Priyanka Samal
Deep Bhattacharjee
Pradipta Narayan Bose
Priyanka Samal

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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For the spacetime of 3+1 dimensions, if this can be assumed as the wormhole coordinate to be Σ where the universe for the purpose of mathematical construction satisfies the Euler-Poincare characteristics of X ≡ = 2 − 2g = 1 then there can be Σ_1 as the wormhole of g ≡ 1 in spatial dim 3 and Σ_2 as the spatial universe then: Σ_1 , Σ_2 ∈ Σ-This is easy to show that for the 3-manifolds as our mathematical universe, we can apply Heegaard splitting to split the wormhole from the mathematical universe. Comments-This shows the linkage of topology with the Einstein-Rosen Bridge in a mathematical universe.